It would be our intention to close the office from 1pm on Friday 23rd December, reopening at 9am on Wednesday 4th January.

However, in the event of a major weather event, such as storm or a big freeze, we would intend to staff the office on 28th, 29th and 30th December, depending on severity.

During winter-time, plumbing can be susceptible to bursts, particularly where pipes are unprotected from the cold or where properties are left unheated for extended periods of time.

In the event your property is to be left unoccupied over the winter period, you should ensure it is heated at a constant temperature.  If this cannot be implemented, we recommend where practicable having the plumbing drained-down.  It is good practise to learn if your flat has a stop valve.  Alternatively, a water key should be obtained to enable the water for the building to be isolated from the street in the event of an emergency.

We detail the following emergency telephone numbers from our panel of local contractors, whom we regularly employ for both plumbing and roofing:

Plumbers:        07939-392856 (C2C) – C2C also trade as an electrical contractor

                          0141-632-0085 (JH Horn Ltd.)

Roofers:           07736 717393 (GRBS Ltd.)

                          0141-420-1616 (Hugh Scott Ltd.)

It should be noted that contractors can only access the property (particularly in the case of roofing issues) when safe to do so.  Additional emergency call-out charges may apply.


May we take the opportunity to offer our best wishes for the festive period.



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